Tax is a complex aspect of any business and wrapping your head around these complexities often only serves as a sure fire way to burn through your valuable time. At Striven, we have invested a considerable amount of time into building an experienced team of tax experts to provide businesses with the insight and knowledge they need to navigate this confusing, and yet critically important, facet of business.

Our tax service is comprehensive. We are well versed in all areas of tax law and provide excellent planning, compliance and advisory services for businesses and high profile individuals. Our advice and expertise enables us to provide you with a wealth of knowledge on tax related matters to ensure that your business growth isn’t stunted by legislation, penalties and deductions.

Tax Returns

We have a team of tax experts and consultants on offer to assist businesses in submitting flawless tax returns. For both corporate and private clients, we can prepare and submit returns using expert tax knowledge, review returns and obtain the right tax clearance certificates to ensure that your business receives the maximum return possible from SARS come tax season.

Corporate Income Tax

Tax penalties and disputes are costly inconveniences that can be easily avoided with the right expertise and approach. We offer expert tax advice to ensure that your organisation’s tax affairs are in order with SARS. From income tax to corporate tax, general tax reviews, SARS dispute resolutions and tax due diligences, we provide a comprehensive range of tax services for our corporate clients.

Personal Tax (High Profile Individuals)

High earning individuals have exceptional tax needs. We assist these individuals in navigating the complicated and often confusing tax landscape to minimise penalties and disputes. Our tax specialists have a proven track record of assisting our private clients in their tax endeavours, and our unique and personal approach ensures that we provide a respectful and knowledgeable service to our clients.