At Striven, we understand that running a business is time consuming enough without having the added pressure of accounting. It is no secret that effective accounting and a sound financial structure is the cornerstone of every successful organisation, so shouldn’t you be putting your trust in an experienced and reliable accounting partner?

We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services to ensure that businesses run confidently and smoothly. Our experience, broad skillsets and vast accounting knowledge will ensure that your businesses finances are taken care of, so that you can focus your valuable time and energy on seeking new opportunities and expanding your business. Read More


Tax is a complex aspect of any business and wrapping your head around these complexities often only serves as a sure fire way to burn through your valuable time. At Striven, we have invested a considerable amount of time into building an experienced team of tax experts to provide businesses with the insight and knowledge they need to navigate this confusing, and yet critically important, facet of business.

Our tax service is comprehensive. We are well versed in all areas of tax law and provide excellent planning, compliance and advisory services for businesses and high profile individuals. Our advice and expertise enables us to provide you with a wealth of knowledge on tax related matters to ensure that your business growth isn’t stunted by legislation, penalties and deductions. Read More


We assist businesses with identifying opportunities, business strategy and execution to increase profitability and facilitate growth. As one of the most exciting aspects of our business, our advisory team is extremely passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. We use a wide variety of globally recognised tools and methodologies to help businesses find success, navigate risks and overcome challenges.

Our team of business consultants have spent years working with various businesses in a multitude of industries to develop an impressive amount of real world business experience and knowledge. This means that our consultants are perfectly positioned to provide businesses, regardless of size of industry, with valuable, insightful and effective advice. Read More